Contact Point


Version: 0.1


Name Description
Contact Point All contact points for a party e.g. phone 123-4567, email
Contact Point Address Mailing address for a party e.g. 123 Main St, Big City, CA12345, USA
Contact Point App Software Application for a party and optionally on a specific device e.g. John Doe have Strava App on device iPhone123
Contact Point Email Email address for a party e.g. email
Contact Point Location Physical location for a party e.g. party Northern Trail Outfitters at Standford Shopping Mall
Contact Point Phone Phone number for a party e.g. phone 123-4567
Contact Point Social Social handle for a party e.g. trustednews at twitter
Contact Point Type Contain the fixed list of types a contact point can be of e.g. phone, email
Party Web Address What is the Web URL for the Party