Version: 0.1


Name Description
Household A combination of people, normally recorded in the system for marketing or service purposes
Individual Represent the person you are, or will be, dealing with using the system
Internal Business Unit Defining a part of your own internal organization. May be anything from a holding company, a line of business, a country division, a department and for which you may want to track e.g. if it is a legal entity, default GL Code, profit-and-loss etc against.
Party A unified, in system, definition of who you are dealing with e.g. John Doe, Northern Trail Outfitters and can be of different types e.g. individual, business, affiliation group.
Party Additional Name Under what name is a person also known as( AKA), under what alternate name is a business doing business as (DBA)
Party Identification Set of ways to identify a party e.g. driving license, birth certificate
Party Related Party Relates any two parties together e.g. Jane and John Doe part of The Doe Household
Party Relationship Type Define name of a relationship and how to read the relationship both ways e.g. household for / household member of
Person Education Education a person has e.g. Phd, High School
Person Employment Information about an employee
Person Language Languages a person can comprehend and level of comprehension
Person Life Event Major events a person had in their lives e.g. graudation date, marriage date
Uncategorized Party A party we may be, or will be, dealing with but we do not know who they are yet e.g. Social Handle 'TrustedNews' which we do not yet know if a person or a business but complain about our company so we want to log a case to investigate further. E.g. an ord