Anything you plan to sell or any part of a product that needs to be tracked for service purposes. For example, you are selling a green tractor.

Entity Groups

Name Description
Product Example Entities included: Product Type, Product Item, Product Attribute, Product Relation
Product Attribute Example Entities included: Attribute Set, Attribute Set Attribute
Product Catalog Example Entities included: Product Catalog, Product Catalog Category, Product Catalog Assignment


Name Description
Attribute Set Translation Translated attributes for an attribute set
Attribute Translation Translated attributes for an attribute
Attribute Value A predefine set of values for a product attribute e.g. shoe lace length 10, 12, 14 centimeter
Attribute Value Translation Translated attributes for an attribute value
Brand What is the brand of the product e.g. Snike shoes
Bundle Product Product groups e.g. mobile phone package include phone, call plan and charger
Device User Session A time-bound period when a person used a website or other service, also known as a Visit
Goods Product Products you can touch e.g. cart of milk, pallet of coffee, mobile phone x model 1
Price Book Entry A list of products and their prices.
Product What is intended to be sold e.g. goods, services, bundles, made to order products.
Product Attribute Set A set of attributes e.g. shoe attributes that are assigned to a particular instance of Product
Product Attribute Value Assignment of an attribute value to a product e.g. shoe lace
Product Catalog A catalog used for a certain business process e.g. inventory, merchandizing
Product Catalog Translation Translated attributes for a product catalog
Product Category A product may consist of many categories e.g. shoes, tshirts
Product Category Attribute Set Assignment of an Attribute Set to a Product Category e.g. the Shoe attribute set assigned to the Shoes category
Product Category Product Assignment of product to categories e.g. the Nikedas shoe assigned to shoe and running categories
Product Category Translation Translated attributes for a product category
Product Collateral Collateral for a product e.g. link to brochure one
Product Image Images of a product
Product Image Translation Translated attributes for a product image
Product Relationship Type What are the types of relationships available e.g. bundled with/bundled in, substitute for/substitute of
Product Translation Translated attributes for a product
Product Validity Time Period UOM Standard units of measure for time, for example minute, second, hour and day
Service Product Products that are intangible e.g. labor, software subscription