Sales Order


Version: 0.1


Name Description
Order Delivery Method Standardized methods for transferring purchased products or services to the destination of fulfillment. Delivery methods are characterized by the means of transportation used, and by the delivering organization or group.
Price Adjustment Group Supertype of: Sales Order Price Adjustment, Sales Order Product Price Adjustment, and FulfillmentOrderProductPriceAdjustment
Product Relationship Type Reasons why products are related such as bundle, option or covering
Sales Channel Which channel is used to sell goods e.g. Web Store, Retail Store, Street Faire
Sales Order An internal document generated by the seller, indicating that the customer is now ready to purchase products and services
Sales Order Change Log Change log for sales order
Sales Order Delivery Group One or more Sales Order Products that share a common Sales Order Delivery Method, and Shipping Address
Sales Order Payment Summary One or more Payments having the same Payment Method, that have been applied to a single Sales Order.
Sales Order Price Adjustment A change to the price of a Sales Order that is made before order fulfillment. A Sales Order Price Adjustment may be comprised of Sales Order Product Price Adjustments that allocate the overall adjustment amount to one or more of the products and services
Sales Order Product A component of a Sales Order that identifies a product or service that will be sold to the customer
Sales Order Product Group Products may be grouped together for various reasons, such as products that should be shipped together. Every product in a Sales Order Product Group is not required to be a Sales Order Product.
Sales Order Product Note A document accompanying a Sales Order that lists the description, quantity of the goods to be delivered or other information.
Sales Order Product Reason The customer motive for ordering a product or service, such as replacement, new purchase, upgrade
Sales Order Product Tax A tax on the price of a Sales Order Product.
Sales Order Tax A charge that is imposed by a government entity for public purposes. Types are aligned to phases of the process: SalesOrderTax, FulfillmentProductTax and ShipmentProductTax