Welcome to CIM, an application-agnostic data model that simplifies integration and accelerates innovation.

A New Standard for Data Interoperability

CIM is produced by an open consortium formed to deliver a standards-based solution for connecting enterprise products. With CIM, you can create seamless and tailored personal experiences across cloud-native applications.

To accelerate digital transformation and deliver personalized engagements to customers across every channel, many companies adopt multiple cloud and on- premise applications. Each comes with its own data model, which forces developers to build, test, and manage custom code that's necessary to map and translate data across different systems. Instead of accelerating digital transformation, this process slows innovation and leads to brittle integrations.

CIM is a modern, open specification to help ease the pain of integrating data. CIM provides a defined standard to communicate easily between different data formats. Open sourced as part of the Joint Development Foundation (under the Linux Foundation), we welcome any and all contributors.

Collaboratively Defined Content

We organize content into domains, or Subject Areas. Each of these Subject Areas represents a major business concept. The CIM designs are available in multiple formats for each domain, including example diagrams. The number and scope of the Subject Areas will grow with the consortium and contributions.

See Subject Areas.

Partners Contributing to CIM

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