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Founded in 2019 under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation, the Cloud Information Model (CIM) is both a member alliance and community. Together, collaborating in Working Groups, members define and use a common open data model, influence existing and future standards, and build open solutions to solve common problems.

Working Group Scope

We have developed the Cloud Information Model (CIM) with a standards-based approach and translated it into multiple formats. This approach enables businesses with varying technologies to adopt CIM. It also empowers contributors and fosters growth for a larger CIM ecosystem.

Cloud Information Model Working Group

Currently, CIM has a single Working Group which works in the definition of new Subject Areas, mappings and APIs requirements.


*Steering Member


CIM Community

Use CIM Model Releases
Stay up-to-date on CIM progress & innovations
Contribute ideas to the CIM Consortium
May propose a Subject Area
Access to restricted and private resources
Eligible to join a Working Group
Contribute to Working Groups
Propose new Working Groups
Counted towards minimum support quorum of a Subject Area
Participate in consensus polls
Contributes to the CIM Roadmap
Drives the overall strategic direction for CIM
Eligible to join the Steering Committee
Eligible for a Working Group Chair position
Eligible to vote to adopt content as part of the CIM Standard
May appeal on technical issues
May appeal on procedural issues

*Steering Member Application

Contributor Members may apply for a Steering Membership

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